Friday, January 21, 2011

After a profusely large lapse of updates, I'm back online

I'm finally returning to this blog. My activity has been low... very low, and for that I apologize to anybody who actually followed me. However, I return. This blog is going to be going through some changes. I'm finding ti difficult to keep it on the topic of Jurassic park, as it is tough to find news and new content to keep up here.

Thus, for a while this is going to become more of a personal blog, taking it's focus from whatever I see fit. This will most likely be Minecraft, lol.

I'm very in-tune with the gaming community, both PC and Console, so expect plenty of geeky/gamey news.

That's all for now! Here's a creeper looking in my window

1 comment:

  1. SSSSssssss...

    I can't imagine it would be easy to maintain that Jurassic Park news, although I did see a game review in Game Informer for a new PC game.