Monday, October 18, 2010

A Brief Update

To my followers, I apologize for a lack of updates, Job hunting, birthday and the final class for this term have been keeping a bit busy. Anyways, enough excuses, something fun I found is this:
Razer is having a big giveaway! For all you fellow PC gamers, this is a refer a friend style sweepstakes, so I greatly appreciate anyone who registers through me. There are lots of big prizes to win, tons of swag and all that good stuff.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Modest Tribute - The Virtual Jurassic Park (so to speak)

Some may be aware that in this large network of tubes that we call the internet, there exists virtual worlds. Literally. The largest and most successful being Second Life, a grid of sims (simulated islands and continents) make up a large and diverse existence.

Residents (users of Second Life) roam these different landscapes taking in sights and meeting people. From post-apocalyptic wastelands, large shopping malls, and private islands owned by corporations such as HP, there's something for everybody in Second Life.

What I'll discuss today is the existence of a private island called Dinosaurs Park, owned and operated by resident Nargus Asturias. The home of Nargus Lab, a creator of feral and anthropomorphic dinosaur avatars. An avatar is, simply put, you. What you look like to everybody else in SL.

Dinosaurs Park is also where the Dinosaurs Alliance began, the largest group of dinosaur enthusiasts and avatar users in Second Life. I myself am a part of this group and do some moderating and administrating for it now and then.

The parks exterior is currently pending a revamp to match the new facility. The large outdoor area and the 3 original domes still welcome visitors

However, if you venture to the new gate, a nice surprise awaits you

Nestled nicely beneath a mountain, the new facility is indeed a solid tribute to style of Jurassic Park. Much of it is now open, but some parts are still under development.

The park is ever growing, it's broad range of dinosaur Avatars expanding. With more and more people venturing into the virtual world, the park remains a notable asset to the world, a wonderful place to visit.