Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Jurassic Park Games?

First read about this is Game Informer a month or 2 back, but it appears that the same team who had been working on Sam and Max are going to be taking on the Jurassic Park franchise in the gaming industry:

Escapist Magazine Article
Game Informer Article

The last game I'm aware of would be Operation Genisis, a Roller Coaster tycoon style Jurassic Park builder that came out on Xbox, PS2, and maybe PC? I can't remember. Anyhow, I'm excited to maybe be playing some JP style adventure on something other than a Sega.

Now lets hope this is the kickoff for the long awaited, dumped, picked back up, scripted, and re-scripted Jurassic Park IV.

For us gamers, there's been a fair few games and mods to meet our dino needs, form Turok, to Primal Carniage, there's a good dino shooter every now and then, but  to see the Jurassic Park franchise put  out something new will be refreshing... or not, who knows. I feel the same way about the fabled Jurassic Park IV


  1. Let us not forget Dino Crisis! Which, in my opinion, the 2nd one was basically JP3. Anybody else get that feeling about the time you were shooting your way through the pterodactyl cage?


  2. All I want is another jurassic park movie.

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  4. I remember playing (cant remeber what version or exact name) it when I was a kid, it was sorta like a rpg

  5. Nothing will ever come close to the movie... But you now have a new follower!

  6. The latest Turok was such a disappointment, and it's been so long since Dino Crisis that I've forgotten what a good dinosaur game even looks like.

    Here's hoping for a new title on PS3/360 that will knock our socks off!

  7. I still have my JP sega cartridge, I remember playing it all the time when I was younger!

  8. Nice find, all jurassic park games have been quite good, i just hope you get to play as the dinosaur again XD love tearing apart random people =D
    cya mate

  9. Hopefully a new dino game will be released soon.. Following!

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